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|issue='''<span style="color:red">Sorry, the Xertion IRC Network is NOT currently accepting link applications at this time.</span><br />'''
|issue='''<span style="color:red">Sorry, the Xertion IRC Network is NOT currently accepting link applications at this time.</span><br />'''

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This page describes Xertion's linking policies and the linking process.

Linking process

When a server is accepted for linking, it starts off as a test link. A test link is a temporary status assigned to new servers linked to the network. It helps us make sure that new servers are stable and can adhere to our linking policies. During a test link, the server will be linked to one of our hub servers closest to its region. It will have a DNS entry added but will not enter rotation right away. In addition, any IRC operator introduced to staff by way of linking a server will NOT receive any permissions with network services, unless all network owners unanimously agree.

After the initial test link period is up (at least 3 weeks), the network's upper management (network owners and root administrators) will come together, provide input on the server's observed stability and conformity to network linking policy, and come to one of the following 3 decisions:

  • Link rejected - the link is rejected and terminated. A detailed explanation will be given if this is the case. If the link introduced an IRC operator to network staff, he/she may be retained on staff if they are determined to be a valuable asset to the network.
  • Test link continued - the link remains in test link status for an additional duration not to exceed 42 days. If necessary, an explanation as to why we require an extended test link status for the server will be given.
  • Link accepted - the link has passed test link status and is promoted to full link. Any restrictions applied during test link phase are removed immediately.

Linking policies

Any user may request to link to Xertion. Links from existing network staff are preferred but are generally not permitted to introduce new staff unless network ownership agrees.

Before filling out and sending the form at the end of this page, you should read all of the following requirements and recommendations. Obviously, anything listed under Requirements is a must to even be considered to link. Items listed under Recommendations are preferred, but not required for consideration.

Requirements to Link

  • Your server CANNOT be:
    • A home server with any kind of connection, no matter how good you think your hardware or connectivity is.
    • Hosted with TelVPS or FDCServers (this is due to unreliable service, poor performance, unreliable customer support, or otherwise poor reputation)
    • Linked to another network at the same time
    • Running Windows or OS X - we only accept Linux, OpenBSD, or FreeBSD.
      • Software such as Cygwin or Ubuntu On Windows is NOT considered Linux and thus will not be considered.
    • An IRC shell server - it must be a VPS, a dedicated server, or a colocated server. If a VPS, it must not be OpenVZ, it must instead be KVM (preferred), Xen, or VMware.
  • You must have full root access to the server and you must be able to follow requests to install software components during initial link setup.
  • You must be capable of doing basic server administration tasks on your own, at least to the point of LPIC-1.
  • Your server must meet the following hardware and network connectivity requirements:
    • x86_64 (64-bit) CPU and architecture, clocked at 1 GHz or greater. i686 (32-bit) architecture/CPUs are still acceptable but 64-bit setups will have much higher preference.
    • 1 GB RAM or better, 2 GB or greater highly preferred
    • One IPv4 address that can be dedicated to the IRC network, with as many ports as possible open for client and server connections.
    • 100 Mbps or greater network connectivity + throughput
    • 1 GB or greater monthly bandwidth allotment, 2+ GB allotment highly preferred
    • Disk size 24 GB or greater
  • Server must run NTP (not ntpdate) and must accurately synchronize its time. Correct time is CRITICAL to proper IRC server operation (otherwise all sorts of nasty things can occur), and therefore an inability to keep correct time will lead to either automatic rejection of your application or premature delink.
  • You must speak English relatively fluently, and any IRC operators you bring with you must also speak English.
  • Your server name must use our domain name (xertion.org), we will not accept other domains. No exceptions.


These server recommendations are a plus, but are not required to link:

  • Have native IPv6 connectivity
  • Don't run resource-intensive programs such as GUIs (X11), torrenting programs, etc.
  • Can provide network account on the server with temporary sudo access to set up any software and libraries we may need for the IRCd.
    • Alternatively, install at least gnutls + gnutls-bin + gnutls-dev, Perl, g++/gcc (clang is also acceptable on FreeBSD), make and all other essential compilation and linker tools, as well as a text editor like nano or vi(m).
  • Don't add any additional IRC operators other than yourself if possible.
  • HUGE plus if your server is part of the datacenter.


The Xertion IRC Network is not currently accepting link applications at this time, though you may still fill out the form below for future consideration.

If you are interested in linking, and you meet all the requirements outlined in the Requirements section above, please fill out this form and submit it via e-mail to the staff. Failure to fill out the entire form will automatically lead to rejection of your application. Please provide as much information as possible when filling out each field.

IPv4 address(es), comma separated:
IPv6 address(es), comma separated; if you have a whole prefix, supply only the IP(s) available for the network:
Hosting provider:
Hosting type: [ ] Colocation, [ ] Dedicated Server, [ ] VPS/VM
Location (Country, [if US: state], region):
Processor (number of CPUs, model, speed, cores):
Line speed:
Monthly bandwidth:
Disk space (both total and free, in GB):
Operating system (if Linux, include distribution name and version as well):
Server admin:
 E-mail address (if different from this email address):
 Date of birth:
 Experience with IRC (years/months):
 Additional spoken languages (if other than English, leave blank if none):
Additional operator (leave this section blank if no additional operators):
 Date of birth:
 Experience with IRC:
 Spoken languages (if other than English, leave blank if none):
Desired server name (must use network domain, e.g. <name>.xertion.org):
Special notes (place an X in all that apply):
[ ] I, the server administrator, have physical access to the machine (this means that you can physically touch the server)
[ ] I, the server administrator, wish to become an IRC Operator on the Xertion network.
[ ] Other people have root on the server (list if applicable with nick and e-mail):
[ ] Other special notes not listed or covered in this form, specify:
For the following questions, please use as much space as you need. You needn't be concerned about writing too much, but at the same time you should write enough to sufficiently answer each one.
 How have you been involved in Xertion so far?
 Why do you want to link your server to Xertion?
 What are your personal technical skills with *NIX and networking?