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| Central
| Central
| Services Administrator
| Services Administrator
| N/A
| Varies
| [[User:Valdearg|Valdearg]]
| [[User:Valdearg|Valdearg]]

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Network Staff

If you have an issue that requires network staff, /join #help and ask there. It's the fastest way to get your issue resolved.

Nick Timezone Rank Activity Times
culex Central European Network Owner, Developer 5pm - 8:45pm
Kaishiro Central Network Owner Varies
Sakura`Kinomoto Pacific Network Owner Varies
hmtX^mokkori Central European Services Administrator, Developer N/A
Ravager Central Services Administrator Varies
Valdearg British Services Administrator N/A
akaSoldats Pacific Server Administrator N/A
Ishaq British Server Administrator N/A
theholder N/A Server Administrator N/A
Alpha N/A Operator, Webmaster N/A
An-IP-BreAKDoWN Mountain Operator Varies
Elchzard British Operator, Public Relations Varies
Phaux Mountain Help Operator Varies
Rilly Mountain Help Operator N/A
Usagi_Tsukino N/A Help Operator N/A
  • Note: Activity times are accurate to the specific operators timezone.