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Major network update planned

Posted 3/1/2015 4:35 PM CST by Ryan

After months of testing and careful planning, we have decided to move forward with a major update of the entire Xertion IRC network. We will be upgrading all the IRC servers to the most recent InspIRCd version available, as well as moving from our obsoleted/depreciated Anope 1.8.x services package to the much newer Anope 2.0.1.

A lot of things will change with this update. I can't currently summarize everything to that end, but here's a brief list of some things that will be different after the upgrade:

  • The Anope upgrade will NOT carry over any current CertFP fingerprints. If you currently use CertFP for authentication, you will need to re-add your certificate fingerprint after Services has been upgraded - ALSO see below...
  • All IRC servers will now support SHA256 certificate fingerprint hashes. This is considered much more secure than the older SHA1 method in use now. Unfortunately this switch means that any users who currently utilize CertFP to authenticate to NickServ MUST re-add their SHA256 certificate fingerprint hash after we have done the upgrades - the older SHA1 representation will no longer be valid for use.
  • SSL encryption will be tweaked to support much more secure ciphers and prioritize them over weaker ciphers. This may cause a few initial compatibility issues at first; simply update your OpenSSL library and your IRC client if necessary, to reduce that possibility.
  • A lot of Services commands have been moved around and/or changed in the new Anope versions. These details will be added to this post once we've put together the full list of commands. The wiki pages here will be updated accordingly as well.

Because we'll be updating the entire network, we had to work out a plan that lets us do the updates in a timely manner with minimal disruption. Currently, we have set a date of March 15th to do all the updates. Our plan consists of us doing the vast majority of the update work in the background - this includes building new versions and installing new configurations. After the background work is done, we'll begin switching over the servers to the new version, one at a time, about every 30 minutes. We'll of course be sending out ample notification during this entire process, and the only thing you should need to do is just let your IRC client automatically reconnect itself.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.