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ATTENTION Immortal-Anime Users

<brclass="mw_emptyline_first" /><brclass="mw_emptyline" />Welcome to Xertion!''Immortal-Anime has merged with Xertion due to the original owners of Immortal-Anime wanting to step down.'This merge will bring you a better user experience overall with a larger community, better security, up-to-date services, and stability.'<brdata-mce-bogus="1" />'''Unfortunately, due to a database incompatibility, all Immortal-Anime users will have to register their nicknames and their channels again.'''''<brdata-mce-bogus="1" />'''''If you were the owner of a channel on Immortal-Anime, and there is currently no ops, an AFK op, or an unknown op in your channel and you would like to regain access of your channel, please contact us in #help'''''<brdata-mce-bogus="1" />'''''We will be happy to assist you!'''''''Be sure to check out our main pagePage here