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(Removed link to Network Testing since we don't do this anymore)
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[http://xertion.org Home] · [https://webchat.xertion.org Webchat] · [http://xertion.org/quote/ Quotes]<br /> [[Servers]] · [[Staff]] · [[Community]] · [[Network Beta Test|Network testing]]
[http://xertion.org Home] · [https://webchat.xertion.org Webchat] · [http://xertion.org/quote/ Quotes]<br /> [[Servers]] · [[Staff]] · [[Community]] </center></big>

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Welcome to the Xertion Wiki, which is a project run by Xertion Staff and the Xertion Community with the aim of answering everyday queries received by Xertion users, both specifically about this network, and IRC in general. The main editor of this wiki is IkarosBD - contact him via IRC to suggest an edit.

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