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| No
| No
| [[User:Usagi_Tsukino|Usagi_Tsukino]]
| [[User:Usagi_Tsukino|Usagi_Tsukino]]
| ''luna.xertion.org''
| Newark, New Jersey, US
| Yes
| [[User:IkarosBD|IkarosBD]]
| [ircs://noire.xertion.org noire.xertion.org]
| [ircs://noire.xertion.org noire.xertion.org]

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Please note that directly connecting to any of the servers listed below is NOT SUPPORTED by Xertion Staff. We ask that you connect to either irc.xertion.org, or irc6.xertion.org for IPv6 support. This not only helps us better manage user load, but it will also ensure you land on a currently operational server. The only exception to this is if we direct you to connect to a specific server, and this is very, very rare.


All servers listen on ports 6660 through 6669 and 7000 for standard (unencrypted) connections. SSL connections are accepted on ports 6697, 9998, and 9999. Other ports may be made available upon request.


The following is a list of active servers on the Xertion IRC network by region. Although direct addresses are provided, PLEASE use the regional Round Robin address instead! - this will get you connected to an active server.

Servers shown in italic are currently either out of rotation or are in their trial link phase - although in most cases these servers are also connectable, we strongly discourage you from connecting to them until they (re)enter the server pool.

North America

Round Robin: irc.us.xertion.org

Address Location IPv6 Server Owner
iris.xertion.org Chicago, Illinois, US No Usagi_Tsukino
noire.xertion.org Dallas, Texas, US Yes IkarosBD
overdrive.xertion.org Montreal, Quebec, CA Yes Sakura`Kinomoto
rena.xertion.org Seattle, Washington, US Yes Sakura`Kinomoto


Round Robin: irc.eu.xertion.org

Address Location IPv6 Server Owner
blair.xertion.org Falkenstein, Germany Yes Valdearg
kotori.xertion.org Falkenstein, Germany Yes IkarosBD