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! style="background-color:#4080FF;"|IPv6
! style="background-color:#4080FF;"|IPv6
! style="background-color:#4080FF;"|Server Owner
! style="background-color:#4080FF;"|Server Owner
| [irc://chibi.xertion.org chibi.xertion.org]
| Beauharnois, Quebec, CA
| Yes
| [[User:Rilly|Rilly]]
| [irc://hazuki.xertion.org hazuki.xertion.org]
| [irc://hazuki.xertion.org hazuki.xertion.org]

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You should always try connecting via irc.xertion.org before attempting to connect to any of the following servers. If the domain of the server listed cannot be resolved, don't ask for the IP, as we don't give out the IP for any of the servers.


Use 6660-6669, 7000 for standard connections and 6697, 9998-9999 for secure (SSL) connections. Other ports may be available upon request.


The IPv6 connection address is irc6.xertion.org. Again, always attempt to use this address before connecting to individual IPv6 servers.


North America

Round Robin: irc.us.xertion.org

Address Location IPv6 Server Owner
hazuki.xertion.org Los Angeles, California, US Yes White_Wolf
iris.xertion.org Chicago, Illinois, US No Usagi_Tsukino
rena.xertion.org Seattle, Washington, US Yes Sakura`Kinomoto
xana.xertion.org Denver, Colorodo, US Yes White_Wolf


Round Robin: irc.eu.xertion.org

Address Location IPv6 Server Owner
blair.xertion.org Falkenstein, Germany, EU Yes Valdearg
kusano.xertion.org Clermont-Ferrand, France, EU Yes Koby
zelos.xertion.org Paris, France, EU Yes akaSoldats
vyatta.xertion.org Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU No rails