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|'''I''' (capital 'i')
|'''I''' (capital 'i')
|Hides your channels and idle time in a <code>/whois</code> command.
|Hides your channels from a <code>/whois</code> command.

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The following user modes are available for use on Xertion. To set one of these, issue a MODE command for your nickname, e.g /mode YourNick +i would set user mode +i for yourself (if your nickname was "YourNick"; replace with your actual nickname). To remove a usermode, use /mode YourNick -(mode letter), replacing mode letter with the letter of the usermode to remove.

Flag Title Description
Modes that prevent certain messages
c Common Channels Blocks private messages from users who do not share a common channel with you.
R Registered Only Blocks private messages from users who are not registered and identified to NickServ.
g Caller ID Mode Blocks all private messages server-side except for nicknames you allow with the /accept command. See Caller ID for more information.
Modes that add privacy
i Invisible Makes you invisible in a wildcard /who command.
I (capital 'i') Private Hides your channels from a /whois command.
x Cloaked Partially cloaks your hostname. This usermode is set by default on connecting users.
Other user modes
w Wallops Can receive wallops messages. Xertion Network Staff use wallops messages from time to time in cases where it is either more convenient for a given situation, or network services (Global) are offline or otherwise unavailable. It is highly recommended you leave this mode set as you may miss out on important network information.
z Secure Messages Restrict private messages received to SSL/TLS verified users only.
S Strip Color Strips mIRC colour/bold/underline codes out of private messages to the user.
B Bot Mode Marks the user as a bot. Mostly used for XDCC bots and network service bots run by Xertion Network Staff.
G User Censor Filters your incoming private messages according to the pre-defined network list of censored words, replacing them with (censored).
Modes only settable by services or servers
r Registered Only set by services. NickServ will set this on you automatically when you successfully identify to your nickname. It cannot be set/unset except by services.