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Caller ID is a feature that gives users the ability to block all incoming private messages, and selectively allow only certain nicknames to message them. This functionality is entirely server-side and can be used to add an impenetrable defense against spambots and private message spammers, as only you - and you alone - have the sole control over who is and is not allowed to message you privately.


Turning this mode ON and OFF is as simple as issuing a MODE command for your nickname: /mode nickname +g to turn it on and /mode nickname -g to turn it off (where nickname is your own nickname). When turning off this mode, any entries you add to your ACCEPT list are lost - see below for how to add new entries to your ACCEPT list.

Accepting messages

For any of these commands, replace nickname with the nickname of the user you with to allow or disallow to private message you.

  • To ADD a user to your ACCEPT list: /ACCEPT +nickname - the "+" is necessary to add
  • To REMOVE a user from your ACCEPT list: /ACCEPT -nickname - the "-" is necessary to remove
  • To VIEW your current ACCEPT list: /ACCEPT *

You can add and remove users at the same time as well. For example, /ACCEPT +User1,-User2 will add User1 to your ACCEPT list and remove User2.

Important Limitations

  • At present, each user has a maximum ACCEPT list of 16 nicknames. Xertion admins will make adjustments to this as necessary.
  • The ACCEPT list will NOT persist between sessions.