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This page lists some of the various permissions you can grant with channel mode +X (ExemptChanops).


To set channel mode +X: /mode #channel +X (permission):(mode)

  • (permission) - is one of the below listed permissions
  • (mode) - is one of the prefix modes - one of q, a, o, h, v


These are the valid permission names you can use for (permission) - each one lets you define the permission necessary to bypass the named restriction. For example, /mode #channel +X blockcolor:h permits users with at least half-operator to use color (or other control codes) in their messages even with channel mode +c set.

  • topiclock -- can bypass +t
  • auditorium-vis -- can see self in +u channel
  • auditorium-see -- can see others in +u channel
  • blockcaps -- can exceed/bypass caps restriction enforced by channel mode +B
  • blockcolor -- can send color (or other codes) to a +c channel
  • censor -- can bypass channel censor (+G)
  • filter -- can bypass channel filter (+g)
  • flood -- can exceed/bypass flood mode (+f)
  • nickflood -- can exceed/bypass nickname change limits (+F)
  • noctcp -- can send CTCPs to a +C channel
  • nonotice -- can send notices via /notice to a +T channel
  • regmoderated -- can speak in a +M channel even when not identified/registered
  • stripcolor -- can send color (or other codes) to a +S channel without having them stripped

Other Info

Despite this mode's name, it can in fact apply to any defined mode prefix, not just that of channel operators.

You do not need to specify the same (permission) for multiple prefixes. Instead, you need only specify one prefix and the exemption will be applied to those with at LEAST that rank or above.

Since channel mode +X is a list-type mode, you can view existing entries for a channel by typing /mode #channel +X without any additional parameters.

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