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Forgot your nickname's password? No problem! Just follow these steps:

  1. To initiate a reset request, type: /msg NickServ RESETPASS nick email. The email address you use with this command MUST be the one associated with your NickServ account.
  2. You will receive an email from containing a passcode. You will need to use this passcode with NickServ's CONFIRM command within 24 hours: /msg NickServ CONFIRM passcode
  3. Upon successful passcode entry, NickServ will generate a temporary password for your nickname and inform you of the new password via a notice.
  4. Identify to your nickname with the temporary password using: /msg NickServ identify temporary password
  5. Once identified, you should change the password immediately: /msg NickServ SET PASSWORD new password here
  • NOTE: This command will not work if you are identified already.

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