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Apr 27, 2020 - From: IkarosBD - Subject: Temp hiatus

As of today, April 27th, 2020 and continuing until at most May 26th, I will be on hiatus from not only Xertion, but anything social in nature as well. I don't like to have to do things like this but honestly, with everything I'm having to deal with now - both physically and mentally - I'm near my breaking point. I certainly don't want to exceed that. I feel this will give me the necessary time to recharge and return stronger than ever before. Just to clarify, I'm not actually DISCONNECTING everything. I'm just going to distance myself.

HOWEVER...I am most certainly not abandoning all this stuff, nor am I abandoning my position on Xertion, or even Xertion itself. The network's routing/topology will remain active, and I will continue to maintain that as best I can. I have monitoring in place that will allow me to respond to issues as they arise. All this will just be in the background. I will not, however, be conducting any major updates for the foreseeable future as undertaking this task creates much greater potential of overstress. This does unfortunately mean that our plans to upgrade the IRC server software are now on indefinite hold.

So do understand that, I still care deeply for Xertion, and of course for the great people of Xertion and the various communities therein, and I will continue to fulfill my mission to ensure that experience remains smooth as possible.

I look forward to seeing you all at some point before or on May 26th!

- IkarosBD