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An-IP-BreAKDoWN, also known as BreAKDoWN and ANI, (born April 1, 1992) is a former Xertion Network Operator, co-founder of #Kametsu and retired leader of the Kametsu encoding group.

Personal Life

An-IP-BreAKDoWN was born on April 1, 2012 in Roswell, NM and lived there for 18 years. After attending K-12 schooling he later moved to Denver, CO to further his education. An-IP-BreAKDoWN currently works at King Soopers as a front end manager. Currently An-IP-BreAKDoWN dropped out of college and is still deciding what route he wishes to take in his career.


Kametsu is a popular anime news site which also offers extremely popular sub-sites such as English Dub Kingdom and a grand community forums full of like-minded anime and video game fans that come together to discuss their favorite hobbies.