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Werewolf is a simple game for a large group of people. 4 players are required to start a game, but it works best when 7 or more users are involved.


Wolf is the Werewolf game's moderator, developed by culex. The bot essentially manages all aspects of the game, other than the choices made by players.


Wolf is controlled by a set of commands, which can be messaged to the bot, or communicated via a set of fantasy commands - indicated with "!".

  • Starting a game -- !start
  • Joining a game -- /msg Wolf join or !join
  • Voting on who is lynched -- /msg Wolf vote name
  • Retracting your vote -- /msg Wolf devote
  • Using your "special power" -- /msg Wolf power target

Playing the Game

The Basics

The game proceeds in alternating night and day phases, beginning with night. At Night, the channel is muted - Nobody can talk. People with abilities, such as wolves and seers, now conduct their "duties".

In the morning, the results of special abilities are seen. Wolf maulings become clear, unless they've been negated by angels, seers find out the role of their target, finders see the target of their target.

  • Once all this has happened, Voice is given to all active players, so they can discuss who they think the wolves are.
  • After 90 seconds, voting opens for 30 seconds. Players cast their votes, and the player who is voted for in the majority is lynched.
  • If this person is a wolf, their identity is revealed, and the villagers win if no other wolves are present.
  • If the person is the Village Idiot, their identity is revealed and they win the game.
  • If the person has any other role, their identity is revealed and play continues.

Dead players - whether mauled by wolves or lynched - have their voice removed, so they cannot talk while play is proceeding.


The humans win if the wolf is killed, or if all the wolves are killed, if there is more than one.

The wolves win if they kill all the villagers, so only wolves are left alive.


The villagers are trying to figure out who's a werewolf; the werewolves are pretending to be villagers, and trying to throw suspicion on real villagers.

The Village Idiot is trying to cast suspicion on himself, as he only wins if he is lynched.


  • Villager -- A default player. No special abilities or powers.
  • Wolf -- Kills one player every night. It's possible for there to be more than one; In this case, who gets killed is chosen in a fashion identical to the voting system for who is lynched during the day.
  • Seer -- Can determine the role of one other player every night.
  • Angel -- Can protect one other player each night from attack by the wolves. Bear in mind they don't know who is going to be attacked; They pick a player, and if the wolf happens to attack that player, they aren't killed.
  • Doppleganger -- Can duplicate another player's role once during the entire game. Essentially, this gives a person the powers of the person they dopple.
  • Village Idiot -- Wins the game if they're lynched during the day.
  • Finder -- Can find the target of another player's abilities, once every night.

And, the corresponding powers...

  • Wolf (kill) -- /msg Wolf kill player
  • Seer (see) -- /msg Wolf see player
  • Angel (shield) -- /msg Wolf shield player
  • Doppleganger (dopple) -- /msg Wolf dopple player
  • Finder (find) -- /msg Wolf find player

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